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Darren Draper

Great post, Tracy. Thanks for providing the four examples - exactly what I needed to expand upon my findings in working with teachers and administrators (very similar to yours).

Check it out if you'd like:



This was very informative. I thought the 10 Elements of a successful high should add the one of meeting students where they are academically. I also found the links very resourceful


Good article. An additional reason to embrace this is to provide students with more time for electives. In the state of MI the curriculum is pretty rigid due to the state graduation requirements. If students can take some of thise courses online then they would free up more time during the school day for band, physical education, drama, forensics etc.

These class opportunities are being reduced because of the rigidity of requirements.

Aaron Moran

This is in line with my thoughts on Virtual Learning. Virtual Learning will not replace , but add to historical education learning environments. More students can be challenged in their educational settings as well.

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