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Jennifer W

Hmmmm -- do you mean politically correct or accurate??

I stopped and thought when I read your blog post and realized that probably "traditions" are being taught all over the USA of the first thanksgiving that are probably inaccurate. But that doesn't make them "politically correct or not" -- it just makes me wonder if it was accurate.

And therein lies the problem -- I feel -- because we are trying so hard to be PC, we forget that there is right and wrong, correct and incorrect, true and false.....and regardless of the situation and how you might step on someone's toes -- there are things that will be ACCURATE and perhaps not politically correct.

I think the way that the event was handled was unfortunate -- they are kindergarten students. However, if the information they were being taught was wrong -- that needs to be corrected. But not because "of politically correctness" but because of accuracy.

Thanks for making me thing today. I wonder how many other "traditions" we teach our students are probably incorrect.

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