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Denis McCarthy

Seth Godin points out the main difference between a group and a tribe is a way to communicate. With Web 2.0 technologies new opportunities are opening up before us at an amazing rate. Ideas do not have to be monologs. In educational systems we can form Tribes across continents and share ideas and technologies. Problems can be solved in one area and everyone can use these solutions or adapt them for themselves.

Angela Maiers

Denis-great point! We no longer have to be limited by time and space boundaries. It is an exciting time to be a part or a leader of a tribe! Tools like blogs, Nings, and Twitter become invaluable for communication, collaboration, and as you said, problem solving!

Andrew Warner

This is a great summary of the book & Seth's ideas.

Thanks for linking to my video of Seth in this summary!

Angela Maiers

Thank you for posting the video. I would have so loved to be at the session live-seeing Seth in person must be something! I love your site!


Angela-I am impressed with the concepts you shared from Godin's text. I viewed and read his slideshow and think I'll have to take time to read Tribes. Too many interesting connections there to let it pass ...

John Connell

As Graham Greene wrote: Heresy is only another word for freedom of thought.

I like heresy. I'm less keen at the thought of belonging to a tribe.


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