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Charlie A. Roy

A great post. It seems for schools to be truly effective the basic human needs of students must be addressed and adequately met. As a society we seem very apt at meeting the needs of certain industries to survive and thrive. Imagine if we put the same energy into our children and their well-being.


A post that asks for nothing from teachers and schools, but asks for much from society. I've been saying it for a long time, so thanks for making clear that these basic needs must be met in order to do anything for our students!

Leave the teachers alone!

Kevin W. Riley

Just so I am not misunderstood... at my school, we do our part to get better in our service to children and their families. We ask a lot of one another. But show me a public school that has been labeled a "Program Improvement School"... and I'll show you a community... a state... a nation that bears as much of the responsibility for the label as the educators inside!

Lynn Arnsdorf

I agree with Kevin, if we continue doing business as usual...I would be much more drastic and completely abolish the Department of Education in Washington and give power back to the states. Unfunded federal mandates have been crippling.

Gregg Festa

I agree with most if not all of the list of priorities above and I am excited to see so many people thinking about the issues so critical to the future of education and indeed our democracy moving forward. Toward that end, I have created a National Education Debate online so that all interested in informing and influencing the education priorities, policies and vision of President Elect Obama and his designated Secretary of Education can have a space to do so. I will be collating the results and submitting them to our new leadership on Jan. 21. PARTICIPATE NOW AND SPREAD THE WORD GO TO : http://educationdebate.blogspot.com

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