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Kevin W. Riley

Student Disengagement is a problem that will not be remedied simply by redesigning schools. Our schools exist in a broader context -- the culture of accountability and testing is sucking the life, the joy, the authenticity out of them right before our very eyes. And it's killing our kids. If I was them... I'd be leaving too! (Oh wait. I did that once.) Kozol, Kohn, Krashen, et al. are voices that people listen to but do nothing. Voices from the inside, from principals and teachers should be amplified especially for our new President. It's why I blog (http://kriley19.wordpress.com/)... It's why I read Leadertalk and keep nudging others to join the revolution.

Bob Miller

I totally agree with Mr. Dimmett. Status quo for education does not exist in my mind, schools are either getting better or getting worse.

Kimberly Moritz

Thoughtful Classroom, the work of Harvey Silver and Richard Strong, is making a difference in our school district as Dave suggests we should. Based on learning styles and the best instructional practices of the past thirty years, it offers a concrete body of work to help solve the problems presented in Dave's post.

Knowing that we are taking steps to improve, I still read this post and wonder, "how long will it actually take us to transform schools? How long will it take us to do what we know is right? How long until we take responsibility and stop throwing our hands in the air as we lament that "these kids just don't care!" How do we start a revolution?

I am about to start my first superintendency at the end of December and someone had better call me out LOUD and CLEARLY if I go into that job and simply continue the status quo. Dave eloquently reminds me of the magnificent opportunity before me.

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