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Though I appreciate your well written blog -- I have to disagree with one comment

"He is taking over a failed presidency."

He is not taking over a failed presidency -- if you look at GWB full 8 year term, he accomplished some remarkable things and supported and sustained us through some horrific times. Yes, he made some major blunders as well......but as I remember -- it is "WE THE PEOPLE" not "HE THE COUNTRY".

I think Obama is taking over a "discouraged nation" and that discouragement's blame does NOT lie on my man's shoulders.

Where America is right now -- with health coverage, with house's foreclosing, with issues of morality from one end to the other -- is not due to a failed presidency.

My verdict is still out on Obama. There is nothing he has proven yet except future promises.....which I hope he can fulfill.


In any election, the "new guy" has much to prove. The "old guard" leaves with pro's and con's attached to their name. That is the business of democracy.

Agreed - "...Obama is taking over a "discouraged nation" and that discouragement's blame does NOT lie on my man's shoulders." But it does lie on one figurehead. Whether is was specifically him, part of his cabinet, or anyone else in the administration that created a concept, generated an idea, or established a platform, it is ultimately the figurehead that gains either credit or blame. Again, that is the business of democracy.

It's not perfect, but it's ours.

Gray Rinehart

"A discouraged nation."

Well put. I'm going to start using that.

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