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 James Yap

To respond to your post, I do agree with you and Jamie Vollmer's point. However, it goes back to the fact that we are trying to prepare our student's for the future. We can even throw around the term 21st century skills. However, instead of asking our students, to become better in different content areas, why not infuse skills that we KNOW they are going to use? Why not give them tech literacy that will prepare them for a future that is going to be diversified. If you look at Vollmer's argument you will see that many of those skills are things that students could learn on their own if we give them tech literacy skils. The skills to search, the skills to construct their own knowledge and the skills to become their own teacher and student at the same time.

Yes we are piling onto teachers but I think the great thing is that we are reaching a tipping point. We are starting to take things off and give it back to the students and parents by creating lifelong learners.

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