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Denis McCarthy

The digital age have brought change at an amazing rate. We need to make a conscious effort to keep up with it.

Sunny Williams

Love this post. I get very frustrated when I hear veteran teachers say that that they don't want to change because what they have done for years works pretty well. However, I recognize that things need to change and am willing to try just about anything, but since it is hard for me, a very open and ambitious person, to sometimes take the first step, I can only imagine how difficult it is for someone who isn't a risk taker.

Do you think this is going to be something that grows out of individual classrooms or is this shift going to be mandated from the "powers that be"?

Steve Poling

Denis and Summy, thank you for your comments. Yes, the speed of change is amazing. I think change toward 21st century learner focused schools will come from a combination of growth in individual teachers as well as mandated from the top. There are positive aspects of both top-down and bottom-up reform so a combination of the two can best bring change. What do you think?


Excellent post Steve! The paradigm has to shift if we expect schools to prepare students for the 21st Century.

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